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Formula 50 Review - Did 50 Cent Deliver Good In His Book?

Thank you for checking out this Formula 50 review. Most likely you heard about the fitness training and nutrition book put out by popular rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent.

Well, I just wanted to highlight some main points from the book in this Formula 50 review that will hopefully help you get an idea of what's inside this book, and the possible results that are expected to be gained from the program.

First of all it's important to note that Formula 50 book is focused on the fitness methods of 50 Cent that he uses to keep in shape, but the book is co-written by a fitness expert name Jeff O’Connell.

O’Connell possess years of experience working in the fitness industry and he is well respected for his work in that field. He is presently an editor on

The official title of 50 Cent's book is Formula 50: A 6-Week Workout and Nutrition Plan That Will Transform Your Life.

So this is what the book really is. It's a workout and nutrition program aimed at helping the reader transform their body into better shape as well as provide them with new insights regarding fitness in their life.

Like most other fitness programs, Formula 50 gives you precise exercise and eating instructions that are expected to produce worthwhile results on your body after a period of time.

Formula 50 - The Workout Method

Most workout programs are structured based on one or more concepts of training that are expected to produce specific results for the user.

Formula 50 is based on the concept of Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) which is a training method that combines intense aerobic and anaerobic cardio and muscular training. It involves circuits, supersets, speed, low rest and compound movements.

Metabolic Resistance Training done properly is expected to produce results such as increased metabolism, rapid fat loss, muscle gain, increase in strength and boost in energy level.

Formula 50 - The Nutrition Method

Formula 50 eating plan is based on the 3-meal-per-day approach and you are allowed to have one snack along with that. You are also allowed to have one drink following a workout session.

The nutrition part of the book also gives the user explanation on how to determine their calorie intake using their body weight as a main element to evaluate how much calories they they should eat.

What Are Users Saying About Formula 50?

The Formula 50 program caters for both men and women. After researching the feedback from some of the people that used it, and combined that with my own observations, I conclude that Formula 50 will work well for a lot of people but not for everyone.

This is an awesome program that works, but according to your specific goals and circumstances it's always best to choose a program that's suitable for you.

So while I recommend 50 Cent's book in this Formula 50 review, I think there also other programs that you may want to look at to see if they may be in line with your goals.

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