Monday, 10 June 2013

Formula 50 Review - Is 50 Cent Book Worth It?

Formula 50 is a fitness nutrition and workout book by rapper 50 Cent. As a fitness blogger and someone who pays attention to celebrity workouts and their fitness methods I thought it'll be great to create this site to  do a formula 50 review.

We all know that celebrities can afford to get the best fitness trainers and fitness advisers to teach them superior techniques and create workouts for them to get in remarkable shape. Therefore, paying attention to 50 Cent's formula 50 book may allow us to get some useful ideas and insights to take our fitness training to the next level.

In future posts I'll be reviewing formula 50 so readers can know if 50 Cent and the co-author for the book delivered cutting-edge methods that's worth implementing in a fitness plan to get better muscle building and fat loss results.

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